Supporting association Studentenwohnheim Willi Graf e.V.

The Studentenwohnheim Willi Graf e.V. is the owner of the Catholic student dorm "Willi Graf" in Hiltenspergerstraße 77, in Munich. It was founded in 1954, by members of the "Bund Neudeutschland" (ND) - a community of Catholic pupils, students, and academics - as a "home association". Of course, the house is also open to students, who belong to other religious communities.

The association, which is recognized as a non-profit organization, currently has about 300 members, including many former residents of the dorm.

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Purpose of the association

The purpose of the association is to promote student youth, in particular, by creating and maintaining suitable living and common spaces. The association has the special task of enabling German and foreign students, mainly from developing countries, to meet. Therefore, 20 percent of the total of 120 student dorm rooms are allocated to foreign students.


Become a member?

In order to be able to finance its tasks in the future, in the face of massive cuts in public budgets, we are urgently dependent on friends, sponsors, and former residents of the Willi Graf student dorm!

Willi Graf and white roses

Spirit of the house

The board of the association, supported by an advisory board, has seen itself as a partner of the student self-government, since the existence of the dorm (inauguration in November 1964). Thus, after the bitter experiences during the National Socialism, the students were given the opportunity to practice democracy and live in tolerance within a "house of encounter". The name Willi Graf is an obligation. The student resistance of Willi Graf and the "White Rose" against the Nazi regime had its roots in faith.

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Political mission

Today, the political mission of the association is to help ensure that foreign students not only find a Christian community, but can one day return to their homeland as friends of our country. All those who have lived in the student dorm praise the "spirit of the house" - the climate, the helping each other, the consideration, and the willingness to take on responsibility in the form of office for the good of the community. Our goal is to keep it this way.


Statutes of the supporting association

The current statutes of the supporting association can be viewed here.