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Self-administration, voluntary positions and meetings in the student dorm

In our student dorm, many voluntary positions take care of various issues. A series of regular meetings during the semester help us to form and represent a common opinion, and allow for the election of offices. On this page, you can learn more about how our student dorm works.

Our voluntary positions in the self-administration

Student representatives

Our most important body! A team of 2 persons represents all students in front of the board, as well as the administration, and regulates the communication.
They also chair the General Assembly and the Student Council, and plan the annual cabin retreat.


A team of 3 to 4 people organizes our annual multi-day trip (Venice, Vienna, Prague, ...), our ski weekend, as well as weekly events. Whether it's Scotland Yard, a cave tour, or disco skating, there's something for everyone:n here!

Bar team

Responsible for planning regular community nights, ordering drinks, and filling our vending machine. Our in-house bar is a gathering place for everyone!

Floor representative

Each floor elects a representative, who acts as a contact person for the rest of the dorm.

Admission representatives

A team of 2 residents read all applications for the coming semester and gets to be on the admissions committee to help decide, who is the best fit for our dorm.

Facility management

Take care of anything that comes up in the house or your room: from broken shower heads to changing light bulbs. Before mechanics come, they help out.

Confidential persons

A male and a female confidant can be your first point of contact if anything is bothering you at univeristy or at home. They can also refer you to respective organisations, if need be.

Home council

2 persons represent the interests of the students in front of the board of directors as well as the administration in the monthly meeting of the student dorm council. They also take care of protocol-related matters.


The treasurer manages the student treasury and may, for example, release the budget for a new piece of sports equipment, if this has been decided in the Student Council.

Network admins

They are there if you ever have a problem with the internet. Otherwise they manage the network components, the website, the internal server or help with computer problems in the administration.


Are on hand when there is a medical emergency and provide a well-stocked first aid kit.

Sports director

Organizes a weekly dorm-wide sports class, plans spikeball as well as volleyball tournaments, and is responsible for our gym.

Games director

Organizes game nights or tournaments (foosball, Mario Kart, FIFA, chess, Bavarian Schafkopf, ...), and orders new games for our game shelf, upon request.

Graph Team

The Graph is our student dorm's own magazine, which is published once a semester. Here, for example, new roommates can introduce themselves.

Copy director

Replenishes paper and ink in our in-house printer and gives advice, when problems should arise.

Cash auditor

Reconciles the cash receipts and disbursements of the treasurer once per semester.

What are the meetings?

Student Council

During the lecture period, a monthly meeting of our student council takes place. There, current topics are discussed and decided together, for example, the purchase of a billiard table or a new coat of paint for our pergola.

Admission Committee

After the application deadline, the admissions committee meets and decides, which applicants are the best fit for our dorm. It consists of the student representatives, the tutors, the elected admissions committee, and a member of the board of directors, as well as the student dorm administration.

Home Council

The Board of Directors, the administration, and representatives from the student body meet in the Home Council to discuss concerns that have arisen, for example, in the Student Council.
The meetings are open to all students.

Plenary Assembly

A mandatory event that takes place once each semester. All students come together here and elect or confirm the offices explained above. The board of trustees also gives an update on current affairs.

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